Quilly Millz

Quilly Millz - True

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Turn me up!

Turn me up!

A little bit more, a little bit more!

Turn me up if you're getting, it all just getting by

I used to get fresh on East, now I'm just getting fly

I'm already high, I'm just getting more high

I'm walking into the... I leave more fly

..be hundred dollar bill to the door guy

Give my advice and a couple dollars to the poor guy

I'm just traveling the road without a tour guy

Where I'm from you won't make it without a four five

Where I'm from, if you're a boy you keep your four five

Now MJ, watch me fade away

I'm on my job, bitch I put on work on labor day!

I run my city for real, fuck with the mayor say

...I call the shots, fuck what the waiter say

I'mma take it to the top, fuck what the hater say

I got a hundred, gimmie six, that's what my player say

I bought my son a shit right now, bitch fuck and lay away

Shop and... bridges I remember layer way

Now I'm popping tags day to day and giving.. away

My mom told me if I can find a way, I better make a way

And if shit ain't nothing, I just take away

Mammy told me 13, nigga you're grown now

16, get out my house, you're on your way now

Young kid getting strong and at the phone now

Ain't got no time to watch the throne, I want my own crown!

I'm the hottest in the whole fucking United States

Fucking bitches, all these bitches used to tell me wait

Bust the track, walk in the boo save my grades

Niggas talk shit behind my back, never to my face!

I drew up the estate, now is just... sticks

I make that coach above the pot up to a dinner plate

Dinner after dinner plate into a...

They got it stuck inside the traffic, it's what it seems, man!

Turn me up! Roll up, go!

Turn me up!

Turn me up!

That sound about right, go!

I'm wrecked out, yeah

They gonna fuck with me with this one

They gonna fuck with me around this town

Turn me up

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