Quest - What Greatness Is Made Of

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And all I wanna do is get enough to get up in it and get out of here

Watch you working like a child is here

Fuck that, I'm feeling proud in here

Killing myself, maybe the drown is here

And the killer bless me, maybe the lord is on a tour to test me

Closed eyes, telling anybody in my way, ... am I so blind?

I got enough to ... cold blinds

But man who doesn't, mamas love him,

Nieces, uncles, nephew, cousins

Ah, come by the dozen, too dirty I'm not worthy

All my understanding comes from you, you

Shouts to my niggas on the grind all the time

Cause that's all day... too, too

Keep the faith even when everybody down shit knows that vision's true, true

2 chains, lately the mind's been Hussein

Consumed by this cruel game

Who's cool, who's lame, is this high school with this new slang

A little bit up for the most part

Niggas choose blues schools over Mozart

No job, but I believe in the dream that was set upon me

Like nuts upon a bar, and shadows upon a star

Even when I'm giving up, understand I'll never fall

Wonder all my niggas who was in it from the start

Telling me don't even trip, homie get a grip

Middle finger to them haters ...never give them...

Not make these bitches famous...

I gotta get that, black eyed peas on down

While I'm looking at the bank...

For the brain I lost

Never looking back though

No shackles, on the soul,

So I ... feeling like an asshole

Warrup doc? Everything is hard but the promises are better...

Egos people, ... soaring through the sky like an american eagle

... the beat goes, I'm trying to get it all and give it to the ones

Who ain't never had a chance like I

No scale niggas... doubt, ... depending on the...

Life's too short and death is discrete

Huh, breathe on that

Shout out to my niggas who believe in that

Bring it to my niggas who believe in straps

Cause ain't no love, where the peace is at my nigga

Ain't no love, where the peace is at

I'm trying to put it together, there the pieces at?

...riding around with no wind to go...

I sing songs with my niggas and my queen on the side on me

With the high heels on

Bitch ass niggas like hyenas...fuck around and get dealt with

Niggas who talk I ain't felt with

So when I roll I don't know you hoes...better know, bitch.

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