Quest - Decades

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Months after Searchin' Sylvan, the fuck is happenin'?

Rumours speculate, let's address this shit in a proper fashion

It's no relaxin', won't act as if I'm the don

But I won't play the undercard ya expect me to grace upon

I'm runnin' out o' bars fo' any nigga doubtin'

I hope it's apparent, lord, children, even Goddess

I hope it's apparent, we come from different cloths, oppose a set o' values

Constantly flauntin' wins, I'm the type that'll show ya how to

Please, wise up nigga, becomin' mandatory

I neva argue with those who don't understand my story

& neva bitch about shit that has been handled fo' me, can't ignore me

Blessed to know I was destined to stand in glory

Hate crimes, 2 busy workin', I neva take shots

Finna set it off in front o' state cops, feel like a Afox

Chasin' afta curren$y, rappin' niggas play Baywatch

Ridin' waves till they cease to exist, still with it till Drake drops

Still money talks, hustle fo' stash thicker than Drake pops

Hentai, keep them plates hot, ya 'bout to be served

Wish I was tired, or set sum' time to focus

I'm already focused, I'm from where machetes totted

Daily coated, zone 3, police, had me handcuffed, a gun on my temple

Coulda lost my life in scraps in Miami, that shit is simple

No luv, I neva lie to ya cuz like a lie to ya does

Don't be the one to get beside o' ya bro

I need whateva chicken they gave to fifty in 03

They tryna graduate from nose bleeds, cities flows seats

Whateva elevation, my niggas, hella patient

Motivated, neva needed no gas fo' acceleration

We move, no warnin's when ya see us, react or respond

My actions my communication

All that hoorah hoorah, hooplah, hooplah, me no comprehende

Wise up till it's engraved, learn to be own sensei

So neva let these Judas' hang shit up over yo noggin

I do it fo' myself befo' niggas make it a problem

What we talkin' bout? No, really what we talkin' bout?

Gwop in large amounts, chartered accounts that make it hard to count

Money machine flow, type o' green that'll make the team glow

Seed plant, shit I can't wait to watch all these trees grow

I've been at it since Nelly m.o & his Pimp Juice

Give ya glimpses but can't understand what I fully been thru

Dawg, finally the chase has turned into strategy

Truest colors they live, searchin' fo' a fuck I could give

Thinkin' decades, aimin' a rid o' all my rest days

Still a Mexican work ethic, shout out to all my essays

Shapatse to the zorks(?), uncle Luke, my niggas who rep date

Curry sent me busy, to the top, I pray it's a segway, bro

Jay said it we have nothin' to lose

Keepin' at it like a nigga still got sumethin' to prove

Wise up, nigga

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