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Queer As Folk Season 2 movie - Sometimes lyrics

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Song by Erasure<br /><br>

It's not the way you lead me<br>

By the hand into the bedroom<br>

It's not the way you throw your clothes<br>

Upon the bathroom floor<br>


Been thinking about you<br>

I just couldn't wait to see<br>

Fling my arms around you<br>

As we fall in ecstacy<br>


Ooh sometimes<br>

The truth is harder than the pain inside yeah<br>

Ooh sometimes<br>

It's the broken heart that decides<br>


It's not the way that you caress me<br>

Toy with my affection<br>

It's not my sense of emptiness<br>

You fill with your desire<br>


Climb in bed beside me<br>

We can lock the world outside<br>

Touch me, satisfy me<br>

Warm your body next to mine<br>


Ooh sometimes......<br>


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