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Queer As Folk Season 1 movie - Dive in the Pool

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Song by Barry Harris f/ Pepper Mashay<br /><br>

Well, alright...<br>

How ya'll feelin' tonight?<br>

Ya'll feelin' good?<br>

Well you know... I'm feelin' mighty good tonight...<br>

But you see baby... it's a little hot in here...<br>

In more ways than one...<br>

So I've got a little proposal to make to each and every one of you here tonight...<br>

I think it's time... that we all... go dive in the pool...<br>

Ya'll wanna go dive in the pool?<br>

I know ya'll wanna go dive in the pool!<br>

Come on! Come on! Let's go!<br>


Now I know there's quite a few of you who don't quite get it yet...<br>

But I wanna see each and every one of you... in the pool, with me tonight...<br>

Ya see baby... the vibe is right... and the feelin's right...<br>

And we're all just one big happy family here tonight...<br>

So I wanna see each and every one of you, dive in the pool... with me, tonight...<br>

Come on! Are ya ready? Come on! Come on boys! <br>

I wanna see it! Are ya ready? Are ya ready? Come on? I wanna hear it! <br>



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