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Queen Majeeda - Our Glorious Past

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Our Glorious Past

There was a time when we walked this earth

With such glory such dignity

We were in our own land

And we were kings and queens, princes and princesses

We held our heads high

We were noble, a royal nation

Ours was a land civilized

So civilized we ruled with each other

And not over each other

There was religious liberty

In the land of nobility

'til the raiders came

And forced unto us what they call Christianity

And our history?

We wrote our own history

And told our own stories

It was as we lived it

We gave civilization to this world

We gave art, science and literature too

But what have we got in return?

In return we were robbed

We fell into the hands of thieves

And they hold today what we had yesterday

This exchange was not our plan

Why did we become servants, when we were rulers?

Why is a stranger now our master?

Remember now our history

Way, way beyond slavery

Remember now lest we forget

Don't say the Middle Passage Journey was too horrifying and long

To remember where we're coming from

And think ourselves as mere descendants of slaves

Forgetting the legacy our ancestors gave

A culture so rich was to be passed on

To Africa's children, heirs to the many thrones

So many kingdoms yet we were not divided

The land was ours

The food and the resources it provided

Medical science and astronomy

Were all part of that legacy

This is where our roots lie

In things noble and dignified

We have to go back to our roots

Find out for ourselves what is truth

We no longer accept your lies

Bury them because the truth must rise

A civilized nation did not come and find a nation of savages

Savages instead came and found a civilized nation

And stole what we had for documentation

But they could not destroy our oral tradition.

We've found what we have lost

What was lost was stolen

The history of our glorious past

We've found it

And now we reclaim it

It's ours!

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