Queen Majeeda

Queen Majeeda - Modern Day Slavery

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Modern day, modern day slavery

Modern day, modern day slavery

What a gwaan in a dis ya country?

A nutt'n but chaos in a we society

Yu tek a bus is a Middle Passage journey

Wuk like farmer horse still we can't see nuh money

To me dis look like a modern day slavery

Modern day, modern day slavery

Modern day, modern day slavery

'Ca after yuh rush out a yuh yard so early

Wuk all day plus overtime fi earn more money

By de time yuh reach home yuh so tired

Yu can't even spend likkle time wid yuh family

Not to mention yuh drop asleep while talking to de Almighty

You tell me if dat a nuh modern day slavery?

Food price climb so high we can't reach it

Light bill and water rate a mock we salary

Look how de system enslave we!

A how we a go free out a dis ya modern day slavery?

And de leaders want we follow fi dem strategy

But fi dem hurry come up solution is just another catastrophe

Ah bwoy! Modern day slavery!

Modern day, modern day slavery

Modern, day modern day slavery

Me sey dem swear dem know whey dem a chat bout

But dem nah talk our language when yuh hear from de shout

'Ca as we lift we voice, here comes de perfect plan

Uh hmm! 'Nother one fi antagonize we

Nuh de perfect plan!

'Cause everyday something increase

Fi mek de likkle money in a we pocket decrease

Tax increase, food price increase, bus fare increase,

Utility rate increase

Yet government tackling poverty

Everyday is a different story

So as de new policy dem frustrate we

We wake up to de reality dat we living in a modern day slavery

Fi real dis a modern day slavery

And me nah tek back dat!

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