Queen Majeeda

Queen Majeeda - Despised And Rejected

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Despised and Rejected

Who will believe this report?

To all whom it is revealed

Will know and not just believe


Despised and rejected of men

Rejected of men

All we like sheep gone astray

Sheep gone astray

He had no form or comeliness that we should desire Him

A Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief

He was proclaimed a disturber of public peace

The humblest of humbles yet the greatest of greats

But we neglected and rejected Him

Because He wore no stately garbs He could not be our King

Too soul-searching the hypocrites found Him

Their true personality they hated Him knowing

He was sent into this world by our Father

Sent to be our Saviour

Still He was despised and rejected of men


Child of our own flesh yet Spirit of the great Creator

Sent to link us nearer to our common Father

The Son of God forever being sought by the classes

Who always choose to hold down the masses

He was oppressed and afflicted

Imprisoned and sentenced

But as a Lamb to the slaughter He kept silence

Yielding Himself as the true Sacrifice

And just like a barbarous criminal the wicked cut Him off

Thinking they could put the Son of God to naught

But as it was foretold He rose to life everlasting

King of Righteousness, King of Peace

Had done no violence or deceit

Still He was despised and rejected of men


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