Quasimoto - Tomorrow Never Knows

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Tomorrow never knows, usually tell it's too late

The day 3:16, when you meet your fate

The time of revelations is now, just look at the news

Shit happens everyday and the battle we lose

Look at the ozone layer, all the polluted waters

What kinda life we gonna have for our sons and daughters

Politicians, worse than the average bum

One brother bought a gun, started actin' dumb

We ain't got much longer if we keep up at this pace

Like common knowledge, guess some of us brothers learn late

I wonder if it's gonna end with earthquakes

Heart attack, cancer, AIDS, [Incomprehensible]

Tomorrow never knows what the future may bring

For the species that we call human being

Now that we all up in the new millennium

Scientists predict we gon' see plenty of

Destruction and chaos, big payoff

[Incomprehensible] worry 'bout gettin' laid off

I'm tryin' to figure out how we're gonna survive

If a mass disaster attacks and it'll take all your lives

Leave the rest to suffer for not believin' the ways

I wonder if the world is gonna end with earthquakes and tidal waves

I wonder if the others will pass, suffered from havin? slaves

Tomorrow never knows about them wicked ways but

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