Quasimoto - Goodmorning Sunshine

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Hehe, Good morning Sunshine

(Damn) Good morning sunshine

(Yo) Good morning sunshine sunshine

Good morning Sunshine-shine

I ain't the cat y'all saw yesterday

*At least I* mean by tomorrow I won't be anyway

Whole new ballgame, (whole new day!)

Bugs you, don't it?

You overgrown headlight

I asked you for the last time, why you so one kind?

How many years a time I ask you?

You just make us blue

You don't look out for us the more you do

Curious, curious, yellow, ain't you

(Now, I ain't religion)

You know I don't go for that chosen few

(All right just testing you)


That sure is lame

You must think I stone lost my brain


Boy, that sure is lame

Good morning sunshine

I ain't the cat y'all saw yesterday

I mean by tomorrow I won't be anyway

Whole new ballgame, (whole new day!)

Curious, ain't ya?

Curious, yellow, ain't ya?

My Aunt Emma

She drowned in that boat on labor day

She was wearing that big wide yellow hat

It was all yellow and brand new

The hat was green and she was too,

(Everyone was there)

When they found her

Because she didn't come up right away

Reverend Coleman said it was to punish her for her bad ways

But he always talk like that anyway

(It's contradicting)

Trying to scare folks into his trade

(Be praised)

At least that's what my Uncle Leroy used to say

And he was always a practical one

In the family anyway

(The bitch in the park has your number

It's gonna hit today)

Good morning, sunshine

I ain't the cat you saw yesterday

At least, I mean by tomorrow I won't be, anyway

*Whole nnew ballgame, whole new day*. And the first thing I'm gonna do is send down a box load of roses

And have em put on Aunt Emma's grave

Next I'm gonna buy myself some shades

So if I'm out today, I won't have to look at you

Laaaaast time you and that district Cadillac

Gonna trump on me.

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