Quasimoto - Closer

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(feat. Madvillain)

[MF Doom]

Physically, mentally, spiritually not nowadays

Madvillain get more spins than the power plays

These hens served them a tower of praise

Wet more Timb's than agua from shower sprays

First dropper to the last

The same way the super got hits for that ass

Put so much heat out on the street

He lock his self up and put the beat on repeat

Stamp here go a kite to the world

It's more nasty than what you write your so called girl

Tramp a spade is a spade

Spit blades like V playing with grenades

He say these black negro's is crazy

Hey these wack trees don't even phase me

Part of a new way

Chrome face 24/7 stay screw face

Play home base

You'll never come closer to where they want to be

Soldiers in the out field

With or with out a deal

Is it all about the steal

You'll never come closer to where they want to be

Ask yourself the same question

Don't mention it to him or any of his henchmen

this flows style in exceptionally

it grows wild and splits exponentially


MF DOOM, QUAS high like sky scrappers

Quasimoto gettin more ass than toilet paper


Astro Black on attack you up on the bozack

Know smarts


Ya bald head like Cojack


Kinda like a wild cat out of his habitat

Tryin to grab the door mat

Close to the combat


Like willie the Shake

Holdin a black cross

Ya hat toss


Ya'll niggaz on some skinny dip


Looking at his henny sip

Look at little pretty chicks

Sucka's tryin to penny flip

niggaz looping any shit


Yo, yo

What's the password, curse word, last word


It be the fat serve, mass nerve, black bird

You'll never come closer to where they want to be

Quasimoto down with Madvillian

All up on our shit while ya'll nigga's all be killin

You'll never come closer to where they want to be


Always on the up and up

Chocolate heat for beat

Ya sucka's always fuckin up


Never fake

No Flake

Upon flake


Break chedda better than ya top ten ahead of ya

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