Quarterflash - Shane

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They'll shine a light in your eyes

They'll set you up with their lies, sweet lies

Shane, if you leave me, they'll hurt you believe me

And something inside you will die-

I know the reason you bleed

I understand what you need, and you need me

Babe, I can help you, think of nights that I held you

And only I can make you sleep

Shane, Shane, no one will hide you

Like the one that cries your name-

Shane nobody wants you

Like the one that haunts your dreams

I know the voices you hear

I know the secrets you fear

Dreams that will wake you, faces that shake you

Remember that I've always been near

Forget the love that I gave you

Forget the child that I saved

Only I know your heartbeat, only I know your backstreets

And only I can take you away

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