Quack p Kokaine

Quack p Kokaine - young native g-sta

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quack p


black to black i have da ski mask

deuce crew the first to blast last to dash fuck with dj quack p i'll kick your ass its puff puff pass when it comes to my grass

every one knows quack p did it

stay off my shiddit

making money i'm never gonna quit it

im a g-sta to the core i'll bust down your door i'll jack your whore

shoot you with my 44 i'm so hard core

got all the respect but i want more

get buck i'm a native clover gee so good luck

funk b

its funk b the most reckless since pin loc kee is that your girl i'll make my beezy

all you other native rappers are cheezy

i just need quack p to give me a kick ass beat

50 jacked our beat

g unit for life but quackz a clover gee

give you bitchs a treat

make it all neat

all you hataz just suck my meat

look out its j doc

j doc

i'm a animal damage a hoe

your gonna have to wait for my flow

til the next episode

you never seen know one like us

native gangstas

we headin to the bank ya

oh yea


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