Quack p Kokaine

Quack p Kokaine - dc stomp

rate me

you already put yo ragz up

loaded the magz up

so say fuck the cops and do your

dc stomp


yo all you cake boyz are no comp

put out my hand and see all you fools drop

and slap a cop

my fellonyz made my shit sell and your shit flop

187 i already run yo block

the native young jock

but im more gangsta and my shyte aint flop

who got shot

in there own room

you see the lighting i make the boom deuce crews here for life your gonna meet your doom

funk b

is it a bird is it a plain its that hungry hustler quack p kokaine

funk b reping dc got the 9 mm dose that make me g

or is it the streets i run

i'll murder you son

i got the heat you beter run

cuz here i come

swamped with money dc stomping for all the honeys<br />

<br />

Thanks to Deuce crew

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