Q.AMEY - Forever Girl

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Girl you and me

supposed to be

together girl (together girl)

forever girl

No other man

can hold you?re hand

they way I can

Lets walk trough lovers land (land)

I made a wish upon a star

to see the picture in my heart

and there you where. (oh girl)

They say you know if its true love

if it comes from up above

and like an angel you flew down into my world.

Truth is I was never the one to ever act right

'til you came along

you changed my life girl

Since you've become a part of me I know

Oh baby you and me (you and me)

supposed to be (suposeed to be)

together girl

forever girl

I think it?s clear to see

That we were meant to be (meant to be)

Together girl, together

forever girl

Stop. It was my heart did when I saw you

I was takin' by your beauty

so nows its my duty

to treat you like a queen

'cause you have everything, everything I need

I?m tryna' get you to see

I belive that it was destiny, that brought you to me

I?m ascurised by the way that you keep lovin' me

oh baby

Girl you and me

suposeed to be

together girl

forever girl

no other man

can hold you?re hand

they way I can

let?s walk trough lovers land (land)

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