Q STRANGE - Torcha Chamba

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Welcome to my torcha chamba

Welcome to my blood stained room

Gonna see your worst danger

Gonna meet your final doom


Lock me in with strange put me in a rubber room

It won't help a bit with when ill thoughts consume

My mind losing all rational thoughts in reality

Multiple personalities battle me

And I snapped cause I cant control the things that I do

I wanna hurt people when the fantasy's through

I walk in the dark and I look for my victim

Like a Pit bull I see them and I sick them

I get so much joy out of seeing people bleeding

They took my cat scan showed the vision of a demon

I fiend in blood like a crack fiend wants drugs

I love dead bodies with maggots and bugs

Yes I wanna stab, slice, stomp and beat

Freddy has nightmares about me on elm street

Where did I get all this aggression and anger?

I take it out on people when I'm bring em in to the chamber

[Chorus x3]

You walk through the hall you can hear the muffled screams

It aint a bad dream but its worse than it seems

Blood is splattered everywhere it don't matter

You afraid, piss in your pants cant hold your bladder ?

What's the matter did you see my cruel experiments?

I do all of this sick shit for my own merriment

People getting stabbed, people getting hurt

People getting shocked, people getting burnt

Nothing compares to the pain that I inflict

So close your eyes bitch I'm just too sick

No one ever made it out except this one nigga

But he left here permanently disfigured

Cause I pealed off his skin, took the skin off other men

And then I sewed it on him

Hispanics, Asians, whites and blacks

He looked like a quilt he had different coloured patches

Then I took all the skin that was left

I made a dope outfit and I sported it myself

No one knows the pain that you're feeling

Blood dripping down the walls and vital organs hanging from the ceiling

Come on down to the chamber underground

Ropes and chains leave you tied up and bound

No one gets out when you're here you're mine

Q Strange can't stop committing crimes

[Chorus x3]

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