Q STRANGE - That Dream

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[Verse 1]

Back in '88 the little neighborhood terror

Started writin' rhymes back in hip hops golden era

Middle school hallways was bustin' a flow

I used to go by the name of emcee Snow

The music was a way to escape my pain

In the box was Rah Kim or maybe Big Daddy Kane

As the years progressed I kept ownin' my craft

Bus stop kids would laugh white kids cant rap

My voice soundin' funny I was end the midst of puberty

And this whole hip hoppin' rap shit was new to me

1990 made a demo age of 15

It was my dream to just bust on the scene

Flat top fade, with the lines and designs

Rockin' hammer pants was the style at the time

Kickin' my rhymes to anybody that would listen

My moms had my back and gave supportive criticism

1992 I started rollin' wit a crew

My name was Mist Jinx and my partner Doc Seuss

1993 bumpin' Tribe Called Quest

Playin' hooky downtown fuck a history test

I had the cross colors gear with the hair up in dreads

And my friends, knuckleheads we was all good kids

Rappin' over instrumental records on a cassette

We ain't had no equipment if we did we'd be set

'94 was the year moms passed on

Bouncin' place to place just tryin' to find a home

I Hooked up with JayD and Mo Duce and Nine 5

3rd floor productions man we dropped comin' live


No matter what as the years went on

I couldn't stop just writing these songs

When nothin' went right and everything went wrong

Used the music to just keep on

Never gonna stop no I must succeed

Never gonna happen if I don't believe

I got goals that I gotta achieve

And until I do I'll never lose that dream

[Verse 2]

3rd Floor Productions and the group iLLriginals

Makin' phat tracks every week was the ritual

Doin' shows while we could good while it lasted

But 1997 though I guess we just had it

All lost touch and Mo just passed too

JayD is still reppen with the Birthright Crew

And around this time I felt I needed a change

I need to somethin' different wit a whole new name

It was extreme I admit, it was a bit different

Q Strange, murderous rap wit the sick shit

Did murder kill people couldn't believe

That that kid Mista Jinx just changed his whole steez

Did a couple of tracks and put it out on dubs

And the heavy metal freak show these kids'll love

In '98 I hooked up wit this kid name Hex

The crew L.U. Cipha was the group that he repped

He heard my tape man he was diggin' the shit

Told his kid Slowkill and his girl named Jill

The next thing I know they got that shit online

They had a web page, thought I'd hit the big time

Anyways '99 I put out Decayed Thoughts

Low budget style though shit I was poor

In the year 2g I dropped C to E

Now mad kids are bumpin' me coppin my CD

Get mail, cats overseas gimme props

Blow my mind every time, party never stops

Still just strivin', strugglin', in the game

Hopin' I can get some shit out and make a name

For myself, only way I'll ever get the wealth

Cruz this is all I do I thank yall for my help

Now it's 2003 mad shit done changed

I been married, separated, got a son that ????

But no matter what this music shit is still with me

And if rap is still 'round I'll be flowin' when I'm fifty

Underground, mainstream, wanna be on the scene

But for now I can close my eyes and just dream

[Chorus x4]

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