Q STRANGE - Stone Kold Killa

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[Verse 1]

I'm a make a club track 'cuz the people love that

Naw fuck that, I'm a keep it all where my loves at

I step up in the club, even Puff starts ta jump

Cuz I buck from the booth wit a rifle I'm a sniper

On the dance floor throwin' 'bows in your grill

At the bar in your drink got dissolved little pills

In the VIP where they poppin' that Cris

Wit my fists around the magnum I crack 'em, I slap 'em

Bouncers runnin' up lookin' bigger than Chewbacca

Sprayin' me wit mace I eat that shit like binaca

Punchin' people out wit brass knuckles on each fist

Throw em down a club, watch 'em cook like a deep dish

And peep this why dem kids sellin' them rolls

Take all they loot, and extort they hoes

When I'm up in the club man I just don't play

Even Ludacris said move get out the way

[Chorus: x2]

Stone Kold Killa

Stone Kold Killa

I don't give a

Motherfuck about anyone

[Verse 2]

Kickin' in doors, yellin' get on the floor

Ima stone kold killa and I'm ready for more

Duck tape ya mother to a chair rape her wit a plunger

All because I'm just a ruthless motherfucker

You so funny man I'll do it for cheap

Naw I'll do it for free I just need some fresh meat

I got peoples heads in my closet and they rotten

Sometimes I take'em out when I wanna make out

I abduct young hoes, tie'em up in the woods

Or sometimes I let 'em run cuz it's even more fun

Gotta gun but I only use that shit for pistol whippin'

I got more creative type ways of kold killin

I'm lost in my demented thoughts and

I'm on Stone Cold and Steve Austin

I'm forcing my way into the game

Kickin' much ass and takin' names

You'll never be the same once you've heard Q Strange, Ima


[Verse 3]

I took Freddy's glove and I stabbed him in the chest wit it

Took Jason's machete and I stabbed him in the neck wit it

Took Michael Myers mask rocked it to the mall

I let my little boy play wit that chucky doll

Even Stephen King read my lyrics are bugged

I'm the next Bundy I ain't talkin' bout Bud

I love what I do, there ain't no signs of stoppin'

I'm stoppin' over half dead cops I shot dead

I'm hot than, I'm illmortalized here forever

A Stone Kold Killa and I'm just too clever

Ain't got the cheddar but I got somethin' better

The fact that you can't fuck with me naw never

Sever limbs from torsos, head from necks

I'm foaming out the mouth barkin' at DMX

[Chorus x2]

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