Q STRANGE - Pissed

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Walkin down the street and I'm clenchin my fists

I'm waitin for a punk bitch to even start talkin shit

Not today please man I'm not in the mood

Don't even fuck with me I got a bad attitude

Truth down the ave see a punk wanna beef

Fake thug lookin hard can't be over 15

He's lookin mean staring at me wearin thug dress

Wearin a wife beater when he barely ways a buck wet

Man what you lookin at I'm iller than you

And I've eaten fuckin steaks that were bigger than you

So get the fuck out of my grill I'm mentally ill

I wanna "murder murder murder and kill kill kill"

Walked over to him grabbed a spoon out of my pocket

Gouged out his eyes and I scalped off the sockets

Busted a nut and sprayed it all in his brain

Snapped off his head and attatched it to a chain

And I swung it around and beat a bystander with it

I'm wicked I took his fuckin ear and I bit it

Off and spit it in the face of a midget

I should be commited I don't care man I admit it

I just dont know how to cope

When I had a bad day so peep that song that I wrote

I choke your throat and drill holes in your head

Just because I woke up on the wrong side of the bed


Dont fuck with me today cause I'm


I might just break your face if I'm


Too much stress buildin up cause I'm

Pissed pissed shit bitch [x3]

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