Q STRANGE - Origin of Creation

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See back in the 1970's it was like

I was a fetus in a jar, conceived in a lab

Raised by scientists, no mom or dad

I was the the first human clone

All throughout of my life I was all alone

Living in a room similar to a jail cell

And a government lab and it was real hell

Located deep in the South Pole

So even if I could escape, there was nowhere to go

Throughout my childhood I received no love

Just experiments from men in lab coats and rubber gloves

Sticking me and bricking me, testing my piss

I wasn't a child, just a new experiment

No exposure to the outside world

No toys, no books, no other boys and girls

I was a human guinneapig like a lab rat

Even an animal don't deserve that

The project would have been finished when I was twenty one

I was to be killed, but they had no more funds

So they had to bring me to the states

Put me on the jet and placed me in the straits

The jet took off man, I was scared as shit

I looked at the world and I thought "This is it"

This is were I wanna be, running free trough out the meadows and the trees

Because I hate the human race, they're so fucking cruel

They created me but I wish they hadn't do it

The jet was shaking, whoa we're going down

Its outta control, we're plummeting to the ground

We're losing altitude and we're going down fast

I jumped into my seat and then the plane crashed

I was okay except for a few bruises

Everyone else dead, good fucking losers

But now my dream has come true and I'm free

To take out all my aggression on humanity

And I will make them pay, for being so inhuman

And then they wonder why I'm so fucking insane

You should have killed me when you had the chance you cruel heartless pricks

Cause now... I'ma take out all this anger and aggression on every human being I see

In any abstract, sick, twisted way I see fit

Hahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahaha

That's my story boys and girls...

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