Q STRANGE - Murderkill

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Brand New For 2003

That Murderous Shit


Murda Murda Murda, Kill Kill Kill

I'm Q-Strange, they say I'm quite ill

[Verse 1]

I'm a basket case, I'm sure your path is demented

All this anger inside needs to be vented

Hey, yo don't be offended, when I slashin' ya face

Im doin' you a favor punk you off to a better place

A nutcase wit a taste for torture

A bloody butcher knife is in my hand ready to slaughter

I oughta get treatment for my sick mind

I saw my therapist Dr. Doom and he said I'm fine

But I'm about to watch you suffer kid

Strap you in a chair and put toothpicks in ya eyelids

Prying them open till you can't sleep for weeks

In ya own fecal matter, is all you can eat

And then for a treat, I might slice ya neck

Or maybe stab ya chest you'll be beggin' for death yes

When I write lyrics I don't need a pen or a pad

I just grab a knife and start to stab

And on my wall in drippin' blood I write my rhymes

I got eyeballs hangin' on my porch like wind chimes

And if you think that's sick, just open my fridge

I got two heads, a torso, and a couple limbs

In my trash bin I fill to the rims

With bloody guts, what the fuck, life is pretty grim

Severed heads scattered all over my lawn like a cabbage patch

I grab a ax, I kick ya nuts like a hackey sack

And that's a fact, I got the innovation that you lack

A wacky jack in a crappy act, singin' happy raps

But if it's sinister then that's a different story

Fuck keep it real man, I'd rather keep it real gory

[Chorus x4]

[Verse 2]

Don't try to understand the sick talk

I'm runnin' down the street with dead babies on a pitchfork

A bitch talk I don't hesitate to stab her

Then I'll grab her, put her in the trunk of an Impala

Then I take her out, I drag her in the house

The funs about to begin I take my tools out

Now, I put the knife inside her gently drag it down her tummy

Surprise surprise this ones an expecting mommy

I remove the fetus and I put it in a jar

Pull out some vital organ like the spleen and a heart

I rap it up and put it in a bag so I can take

It to work tomorrow eat it on my lunch break

This is great and the fun is just startin'

I rap intestines, all around my apartment like garland

Look down at the hollow corpse a pretty sight

Kiss her on the cheek now its time to say goodnight

Now who's that sleepin' in my bed

It's a dead body wit no head

Skin is turning gray, starting to decay

Smellin' really bad, but I like it that way

Get under the covers, hug her cuz I love her

First thing in the morning I guess I'll dispose of her

Click on the TV before I go to sleep

The news says two kids have been missing for weeks

If they only knew one was dead floating down the creek

And the other one is in my torture chamber as we speak

I'm unique and I'm sick abstract in the thoughts in my head

I'm crazy I wanna see you dead, wanna


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