Q STRANGE - Morbid Lullabies

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Sweet dreams close your eyes

Listin to these morbid lullabies

Waken up in cold sweats in the middle of the night

Nightmares nightmares got you all a-fright


Hope of sweet dreams I go to bed and close my eye lids

Instead I'm having visions images of gothic violence

I'm in a realm of darkness

Scared but can't stop this

Tossing and turning

On a blood stained carpet

Cant sleep

I close my eyes I hear screams

Morbid lullabies give my mind bad dreams

I'm seein blood splattered

Body parts scattered

Clinging to picture she no torn and tattered

And yo I'm mad and I've had it

And now myself should be pattered

And no I'm dreaming of a victim all beaten and battered

And as these faces of death they haunt my nightmares

My worst fears invading my brains sphere

Pains severe

As my heart pounds right through my chest

Years sense I've had a good rest


Visions of death are now rotting like flesh

Voices in my head put my mind to the test

Time to reflect on the shit I did wrong

By this time tomorrow ill be gone

I still don't give a fuck

And I have no remorse

I'm dreaming of my body being turned into a corpse

Envisioning my soul rotting in the flames of hell

I don't wonna die or stay in this cell

But I don't got a choice

I gotta pay the price

Seein hellish bodies all sliced

Faces with no eyeballs in the sockets

Chasing me down as I flee into the darkness

The unknown

My minds in a zone and I'm froze

To just sit and let these sick thoughts roam

[Chorus x2]

Angels and demons play tug of war with my soul

I've lost control

eternal bliss is my goal

I fold under pressure cause this life that I treasure

Is in a parallel dimension that's beyond human measure

Purgatory unsure where else in eternity

Embracing life but still flames are burning me

I'm turning the page to the next chapter of life

Cause after your life on earth ain't even half of your life

Its like passin the mic in infinite eternal cipher

Each emcee representing a new life

I deal with jealousy hate guilt and anger

Wanna make to higher ground but I'm in danger

Of negativity consuming my whole being

Corroding my soul with all the misery I'm seeing

I'm fleeing this rotting human shell forever

Demons chewing on my mind trying to sever

I touch with reality in my rationality

Now I'm battling multiple personalities - personalities

I can't sleep

[Chorus x3]

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