Q STRANGE - Kill Somebody

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When I get stressed and shit

Yo I know you get stressed to

We all got stress

And all they're trying to tell you is meditation

and relaxing and all that shit

Fuck that man, that shit don't work

There's one thing that you can do

It's gonna be a peach – But you gotta listen to me

You just...

You just...

You just...

You just...

Kill Kill Kill Somebody

Kill Kill Kill Somebody

Kill Kill Kill Somebody

(Take a deep breath, grab your knife and just do it)

Kill Kill Kill Kill

Kill Kill Kill Somebody

Kill Kill Kill Somebody

Kill Kill Kill Somebody

(Just Take a deep breath, grab your knife and just do it)

Kill Kill Kill Kill

Just kill your mother, that ain't cause your woman clean

'Shut the fuck up bitch' and you stab her with a spleen

Kill your father that drunk and fucking waste a life

Wait till he's sleeping and give his fucking troath a slice

Just kill your teacher right in the fucking classroom

Drag his bloody body inside the school bathroom

Right between the classes when the halls are packed

So all the nerds who go to school that are like 'What the fuck was that?'

Kill your best friend when he's hanging at your house chilling

'Nah man that's my homey' 'Man fuck it - just kill him'

Take a sinder arc and smash it over his head

And beat his bloody open skull till you know he's fucking dead

Hide the body in the closet till it starts to stink

Chop him up with a paster and dispose him in a sink

Cause I know the way you think and it's just like you

You wanna kill everybody see I'm just like you

So in the middle of the night, sneak out your crib

Break into the neighbours and don't the wake the kids

And pour gasoline all over the house

Light a match throw that shit in and burn the whole joint down

Just kill people, old people, young people, black people white people

Don't discriminate – We're all equal

I know nobody understands you and they think you're strange

So take it from me – that's my last name

[Chorus x2]

Go ahead and stab him, get a gun and blast him

Break a pipe and crack him, randomly attack him

Get creative with em' torture when you kill em'

Make them scream your name within in vein make him a victim

Split him wide open and take them organs and guts

Throw them at people in the street like – WHAT

Fuck – So many people to kill – So little time

Murder, kill, rape, rob, steal, commit crime

Go to school tomorrow try to top columbine

In a trench coat with an Uzi killing kids without a time

Kill the whole world till it's just you left

And stab your head with a pen till you kill your fucking self

I'm ill, I'm Q and I'm Prozac and Peckville

Take Jones wand it might as well be sugarpills

Cause it does nothing for me man I still wanna kill

I'm not gonna sop till my heart gets spilled

So what the fuck you waiting for, just go ahead and do it

Don't stop till your covered in blood and body fluids



[Chorus x2]


Yeah what the fuck your waiting for

What are you a little bitch?

Just do it

(Take a deep breeath, grab your knife and just do it)

Don't talk the shit, do the shit

Little bitch


Cause if you was shit you don't just fucking kill somebody man

He's right – Just fucking do it

(Take a deep breath, grab your knife and just do it)

[Chorus x2]

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