Q STRANGE - Illusion

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Hi I'm just a regular guy

It's just an illusion I made from the outside

Inside I got a sick mind

When the mask goes on just prepare to die [x2]

Strange thoughts my mind begins to scatter

Recover from depression I don't know whats the matter

Well I'm mad like a hatter and I'm clearly insane

But my life is an illusion so I'm hiding the pain

Its strange to be normal but I'm trickin em all

Cuz what goes on in my mind is like off the wall

Lasting as I tick tick tick I be a lunatick I need help

And I wanna kill myself

But I wanna kill everyone else

But I know I'm a nice guy you can't even tell

That I'm a psycho Michael find someone to rain on

Stalk her for months just to scare her

Walk in your house I creep

Sit there all night just to watch you sleep

And I'll sneak out the door just before you wake

The puppy tried to bark but I chewed up his face

I tried to escape from the realm of insanities

Sick of people sayin theyre understandin me

You can't understand cuz I dont't even know myself

I have a disease I need psychiatric help

But I'm in denile you see me happy and smilin

But inside my mind already died

Maybe I'm depressed from feelings ive repressed

Never expressed but oh I'm obsessed with death I guess

Something went wrong down the line

I can't control the ill thoughts in my mind

I look like a nice guy wouldnt hurt a fly

But its just an illusion I created on the outside

nobody can know, nobody'll know till the mask goes on they'll see


The voices in my head forever taunting me

Demonic laughter from hell haunting me

I tried to shut them up I bash my head against the wall

And I'll be laughing hard after I bruise and blood my skull

The voices the voices they make my brain numb

Tellin me to do sick shit in voodoo tongues

I'm doin what they tell me just to shut them up

You think youre my friend but I'll stilll fuck you up

You thought I cared about you that was an illusion

You don't understand its my mind that I'm losin

The man that you thought you knew was a mirage

I'm clean cuttin body parts up in my garage

Im the cryo clone you never thought woudl run into you

But I'ma slash you hide you out put you in a tub of tub of vinegar

You want me to kill ya cuz you don't like the torcha

But I sorta like to see you in pain

Insane what I am but I always wasnt like this

Back in the day I wouldn't even write this

Used to make songs to party and have fun

But now my ill joints make insane clowns run

The law was changed wheh I was on the brink of insanity

So I saw a shrink he said hes gonna help me reach to my inner self

Instead I reach for his throat and strangle to death

I left his office with blood on my hands

Peoiple in the waiting room all screamed and ran

But I didn't sweat it I tried to forget it

And nobody knows that I'm a crazy from it

Its hectic to create the illusion of a sane man

Cuz I'm insane man



Prepare to die

haha you thought you knew me

It's all an illusion

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