Q STRANGE - Happy Home

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[Verse 1]

Just seventeen when I metchu

Yeah you, we were young but cha knew what I been through

Ita fucked up if we meant to

But I was your friend tried to protect you

Plus I knew you had potential

Had a good heart and was set to mend to

Known as a hoe and got laughed at

But I was a man, and I saw right past that

You were better than that, so I aimed you

In the right direction a gaurdian angel

Even though I wasnt heaven sent

Had to take you outta that bad bad element

I admit I was hesitant

To give you my heart but you know I had to represent

I had to show you there was more to life

Show you da light that was sorta nice

I knew you had issues

And there was some shit that you had been through

Tried my best to understand

All I ever wanted was to be ya man

Had no self esteem and was insecure

Wipe'en tears and reassure

Tell you that your beautiful

Special and Unusual

Much more than just doable

Deserved the world and you knew it too

Put up with ya jealous rage

Flipouts and abusive stage

Thru it all I always stayed

By your side you were amazed

Didn't know why but I couldnt say

Just took it all like day to day

Wanted the ring so I copped that

You want a new car so I bought that

You wanted a kid, yo I got that

Now you wanna crib so I bought that

Everything in the world that your heart desired

I gave to you, I sacrificed

Anything to see you smile

Ya happiness just drove me wild


How could this happen to my happy home

How could you tear the heart out my soul

Why am I the one whose all alone

When I did everything just to make you happy

How could this happen to my happy home

How could you tear the heart out my soul

How could you be so damn cold

When all I ever did was try to make you happy

[Verse 2]

Moved real fast in marryment

Things did move like kinda quick

Engaged, married, now a kid

That was the base of my happiness

I worked for mine, and tried to provide for my family and I'm filled with pride

I scarificed every job that you didnt like

Just to make you happy, but it didnt right

I letchu go and work for us

You pay the bills, I'll raise a son

I do what it takes to set it right

As long as we're together I'm set for life

Now you out wit around yo peers

See that you been wastin years

Thinkin that you missin life

No more girl, wanna be my wife

Takin number from these guys

Callin them to my surprise

Then I see you gotta man

Cheatin lyin all damn

It hurt me

When I found that night about the show in Jersey

That you and ya man was in my home

Makin love to the break of dawn

After all I've done for you

Had nothin but love for you

Now you wanna go and get comfortable

With some strange dude who's fuckin you

Wanna take this life that we built from scratch

Throw it out the window and down the hatch

Flush it down the toilet just like that

Fuck you bitch I'm done with that

If I had a gat, I'da cocked the shit

Aimed it and just shot the shit

Killed you you obnoxious bitch

You and ya man I'm shocked and shit

Every night you dont come home

Findin numbers in your phone

Guess that I just shoulda known

That you'd leave me all alone

I trusted you, wit my heart

Now you tore my life apart

I aint got shit without you now

I can't move on I dont know how

I don't wanna live, I'd rather die

Than not have you here by my side

I wanna commit a double homicide

Then just fuckin suicide

Why did you do why?

Was it worth it?

See what you did I'm hurt bitch

Dont say you didnt do it on purpose

You wasnt sorry while suckin on a nerds dick

I sacrificed it all for you

So that you wouldn't be miserable

You one fucked up individual

I hope your new man shits on you!

[Chorus x2]

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