Q Remedi

Q Remedi - For Us

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I no more

Then you give me credit for

See i could take

All the cares and worries

And make them go away

If you give me the chance

To show you that


If you know about love

Cause there is one thing I know about love

You don’t believe me girl

Everything I do it I do it for us

Baby I am more than your man

Baby girl I am your friend

And i am right down with you

And i go against the world for us

For us

I’ll do anything for us

I find out the whole world

… if i know you you’re gonna stay my girl

My Pocahontas Pocahontas

My heart my sould my everything

The only thing that makes me hope

Tell me when i need to survive

Girl on you i can rely

And i .. stay on track tunnel vision after that

Cause I know I am thinking about love


The definition of the word love

Won’t you let me show it



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