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Q Remedi - Daylight

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I wanna see daylight

I wanna see daylight

I feel and looking like it supposed to look

When we gave each other the promised rings

Do you remember when I said that

You were what I want it and you said the same

Lately I’ve been feeling you don’t feel that way

About me about us about love

Here we get this


We just can’t get it right

We fight every night

And hurts every single time

I wanna see daylight

I’m trying to answer why

I don’t wanna say good bye

I wanna see daylight

I wanna see daylight

Now the days are gone

Can’t believe my baby is gone

.. she left with no detail

I can’t get her on the phone

I called her ten times on a row

All she left me was a …

I won’t give up on her

When you truly love someone you fight ..

You told me you love me

But I guess you don’t


If I can’t find your baby

This is your song


I’m at the window

The dar .. cellphone

I checked every hospital

I need to know you are alright

I wanna see what the weather man says

.. forecast

Cause I don’t want no rain

Come back home baby

Oh oh

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