Pull A Star Trip

Pull A Star Trip - The Residue Of Tenderness

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The bruise still warm

The beast to come

The road to frankfort far too long

But could you keep that to yourself?

The visions haunt

The dreams ignite

The firewood set up inside

But could you keep this to yourself?

So why d'you have to kill me with such pressure while I

Check in

The boarding starts, yet you go on

The seat belt tied up round my hips before the take-off


Orange county here I come

The moments pass

Your freaking task

Come to blame me for your awful past

You've got to stop your pessimism

So could you keep this to yourself?

Burry the bargain's burden belt

The designations of your thoughts become their one and

Only source

So why can't you just keep this to yourself

Burry the bargain's burden belts

The designation of your thoughts

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