PUFF DADDY - D-i-d-d-y lyrics

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Diddy<br><br>Spoken:<br>Yea, it's bad boy baby!(yeah, c'mon)<br>Neptunes, and we won't stop baby<br>Cuz we can't stop, yea<br>Let me tell you something<br>Verse 1:<br>Sometimes I rhyme slow<br>Sometimes I rhyme quick<br>I was on 1-2-5 and saint nick (uh)<br>Chillin wit this chick named tanya delayda<br>Was a hot girl and everybody wanted to slay her<br>Cuz she wasn't fond of playas, only wanted ballas<br>A spoilla, six-figures, and camcordas<br>So what you tryna tell me dear? <br>I got bentley, benson, and mr. belvedere (yeah)<br>And I just wanna blow ya mind (uh huh)<br>I'm talking really really blow ya mind<br>My repetoire is menage a trois and exotic cars<br>Chillin wit da hottest stars<br>And it ain't no stop to this<br>I can't help but I'm an optimist<br>And i'ma make your head bob to this<br>And at the end you gon rock to this<br>Now say my name, c'mon<br>Chorus:<br>The d, the i, the d, the d, the y, the d, the i, the d is diddy (hold up)<br>Is diddy (c'mon,that shit's crazy)<br>The d, the i, the d, the d, the y, the d, the I , the d is diddy<br>(hold up) is diddy (say what!)<br>Verse 2:<br>Hey yo, I came in the door<br>I said it before<br>I never let the ladies hypnotize me no more<br>But, went back to the manuscript<br>Cuz I don't think you can handle this<br>From new york to los angeles<br>I think the whole world scandalous<br>I'm just trying to keep the candles lit<br>Let the party people dance to this<br>Get out your seats and clap to this<br>Because I came to far for me to be bourgeois<br>It's a bentley to you but to me it's a blue car (that's right)<br>So branson pass me a jar<br>Cuz these cats don went too far (whoo)<br>Ur one phone call to send 2 cars<br>And I still get searched by security guards (that's right)<br>I guess that's what I have to do<br>Taking game international<br>Now what y'all call me<br>Back to chorus<br>Subchorus: (2x's)<br>La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la<br>C'mon,work it out girl<br>I wanna see ya work it out girl<br>Verse 3:<br>Now hold up, stop (stop) now wait a minute (c'mon)<br>We don't stop cuz we rock cuz it ain't a limit (let's go)<br>My aim is winnin, got asian women<br>That'll change my linen after I den blazed and hit em, what (c'mon)<br>And I just wanna rock wit you (that's right)<br>And take it straight to the top with you (let's go)<br>And do what I gots to do, if it's possible<br>Cuz I ain't tryna stop ya boo (uh huh)<br>Got an agenda (yeah)<br>Got on a ninja (yeah)<br>One willin to killin it<br>But not to offend ya (uh)<br>That's when I met this chick named brenda<br>Tenda, her whole body bend like fenda (that's right)<br>So let me see ya shake it girl (c'mon)<br>I just wanna see ya shake it girl (c'mon)<br>For the return of the don<br>The world in my palm (yeah)<br>My moms call me sean (c'mon)<br>But y'all call me.... (let's go)<br>Back to chorus then subchorus until fade

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