Protector - Megalomania

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Fat, laughing pigs - eating and drinking

While others starve - go to hell, man

Talking senseless shit - to the neighbours at table

Farting anfd burping - tears in my eyes

"There'll be neither pain nor sorrow in my reign.

Follow my hallowed ways, into light and glory days!"

They're the politicians - do nothing than twaddle

They don't realize - that we're all in the same boat

I stop rowing now - than we'll see

Who's master who's servant - stinking bourgeosie

He will come back - burning and killing

You thoughthe were dead - and would never return

Euthanasia - total destruction

War without mercy - blood in your eyes




"I will rule for thousand years -

Ecstatic rites, bloodred tears

I slip into the politicians soul -

Control their minds, play my role."

Kommushism - dictatorship

Is it that - what you want?

You must learn - to be yourself

Don't let other - decide your fate.

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