Protector - Germanophobe

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The mankind always look for scapegoats

And we germans fit very good for that

Well our history is full of blood

But look at the history of other countries

No blood? No war? No killings? I don't see that!

Aggression, violence, invasions everewhere!

Corpses, ruins, killing - the world bleeds

Opression? A leader? Warplans? In our lands?

Freedom? Justice? Equality is what counts!

Please learn now, or believe what you want!

Disgusting smiles, defame - oh, so nice

If you don't know better? Please, shut up!

I am so damned sick of it! Wouldn't you be too?

You call us nazis - We're no fascists

We're germans - We're humans like you!

Let's free the earth from dictators

Genocide, murder, rasism - stop it!!!

Terror, injustice, fear must leave our planet

Let us build a new, better world

Nobody shall ever suffer again!

Never again!!!

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