Propagandhi - Mate Ka Moris Ukun Rasik An

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Dickheads shit-talk, huddled single-file

First-world frat-boys and prairie skinheads

Who will never walk a mile

Or mourn a murdered friend

In this tiny woman´s shoes.

Drink up and mumble your abuse.

I´m still humbled by it all:

Around the same time

That I was riding with no hands,

Busting windows and getting busy

Behind the sportsplex

(With Labonte´s older sister

Decked out in her Speedos),

Bella was flinching from the sting

Of a Depo Proveran "family planning",

Her own Pearl Harbour

And a holocaust spanning

25 years to the rest of her life

A prison my country underwrote in paradise.

And in the shadows of Santa Cruz,

She crossed her fingers behind her back.

Built Suharto a Trojan horse and lay still

Where as night fell she emerged

'Til the motherfucker sent her north

With a box under her arm

That held der pledge of allegiance

And her uniform.

She laid it at the gates

Of General´s embassy

And her whisper echoed into a dawn

As she disappeared:

The truth will set my people free

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