Project 46

Project 46 - Forgettable lyrics

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Ft. Olivia


To that kid in the corner

Trapped in the shadows of doubt

Passing time till it's ova

Just hopin' one day you'll be found

Tell me who threw ur chance away?

Did they even know ur name?

If u live in the echo

Ur heart neva beats as loud


You're not invisible

You're not alone

You're worth more than they know

But you've been runnin' runnin' runnin'

When you should have known

You're not forgettable



(Verse 2)

I've seen a fear of rejection inside ur eyes

Whisper a truth lost in the quiet nights

I know it's more than u can bare

It may seem like no-one cares

When your world is the darkest

Remember the sun will rise



You're not forgettable

You're not replaceable

But you're perfect they way you...

You're not invisible

You're not erasable, no


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