PRODIGY - When I See You

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It go; 1, 2, 3, to the 4

That nigga P double got that shit fo'sho

5, 6, 7, to the 8

You niggas make me laugh straight to the bank

You niggas got problems with me?

Can't wait till we're in the same room in the same place

You just dropped the brick get outta my face

Your album sound like shit, fucking disgrace

To the whole black race, rap race

Stop wasting budgets; buy your self a place

My song will embarrass you, you're in the wrong game

I'll make you look stupid, sound real lame

Compare to this sixteen bars of pain

When I write I get tight, I'll be ready to bang

'Cause in real life out in the world it get worst

I'll brace car, buy guns, and bang for your shirt

There's gon' be some shit when I see

Goodfella nigga but I'm 'fenna get evil

Up, put 'em when his pants was down

Look, now I got 'em running on camera now

There's gon' be some shit at this party

Everybody leaving except for one body

Got his self killed over that Bacardi

We handle the shit then it's back to the party

Ayo, dunn take the blunt while I fuck this nigga up

Keep burning our flag and he fronting like he tough

Niggas come on home from jail like they 'sposed to have me

Under some type of pressure, go fuck your mother

You really wanna step to me?

Get online and go around the block, who next to get live?

On P-TV, better not have step

'Cause everybody watching they all gon' witness

My power and strength, they see it's not a toy

You're trying to pet a Lion, I'm a enjoy me an arm for dinner

May God forbid I, get a whole of the rest of you I'll be a sinner

And thou shall not kill, unless they trying to kill me

And then shall finger pop the Uzi

Now the bitch's all wet, bitch ass nigga, I'll make 'em fall back

When I hit 'em in his titties, catch 'em in the city

Doing real dirty 'cause his face real pretty

Niggas bleed more when they're drunk off the Henney

You fucked up my shirt, mad DNA

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