PRODIGY - Not a Stan

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When I'm pissed off I listen to Mobb Deep

My pain goes away, my tension is released

Cus P understands me and Havoc knows best

They tellin' my whole life with that shit they said

When my lady start beefin' I turn em up louder

The drown out the sound of her voice

Oh you hear the sounds of the infamous Empire State Boys

Havoc enviously live today's story you,

Say I'm a Stan but I beg to differ

I'm just a real nigga, recognize real when I,

See it or hear it, it's very distinctive

You can't make this shit up, you can't fake it

So instead of killin' somebody I just sing along

Make me wanna go catch a body but then I get calm

Cus Prodigy said to make love not war

So even though the music is murder I stay on

My peaceful shit, just leave me alone

I feel like a teenager in my room, danger zone

Just give me a little space and let me cool off

With my favorite collection of songs


When life gets hard I listen to the Mobb

So even if I'm broke I still got songs

To fix my emotions and get my mind right

So if things go left I'mma be alright

Even on my deathbed

The last thing I wanna hear before I sign out

Is that Queen shit, I've got 99 problems but my music ain't one

Look I can't find a job and my bitch cheatin' son

I can't afford a whip so I ride the train

With my headphones on, in another world man

Havoc said I could shit on the world

Once I start 4 wheelin' I'mma find another girl

That's why I pay attention to the lyrics

Cus everything they say is all realist

When niggas argue about the best rap groups

I'll be damn near, ready to fight for my dudes

Fuck top 5, my niggas top 3

Mobb Deep last longer than tomorrow, you'll see

Everybody else just a bunch of wannabes

They wanna be like Hav and be like P


Whenever I feel like I just wanna quit

I vibe with the most infamous there is

Cus these other dudes soft, I can't relate

Mobb Deep is my proverbial therapy

They the voice of the ghetto,

These other rappers only speak for the corporate world

That's why they can't get no,

Space in my mp3

It's no room for the garbage they tryna sell me

Dom Perignon, P bars, get me high

And remind me that I could do whatever in life

Different people find motivation in different things

When I was locked up it was HNIC he

Gave me the strength to make it out alive

So when P got locked up you know I had described

Just to show my respect to the man that raised me

My music is one of a kind and trailblazing

He wrote me back, I almost passed out

See I knew he was down to earth, I never had doubts

Yo punch lines and metaphors is cool

But when it come to just being dope Mobb Deep rule

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