PRODIGY - Livin' The Life

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(feat. Jadakiss, Butch Cassidy)



Yeah, fuck I'm talkin' 'bout right here?

niggaz ain't ready


My nigga P

Kiss, c'mon

[Chorus: Butch Cassidy]

Livin the life, steady keepin it tight

Never take a funny nigga's advice

Pimpin the game, never trippin on fame

When I'm done you'll respect my name

The vision is real, time will reveal

as I pack the steel

Treasure I found, with the platinum sound

that no other can put down


I take a lot of advice, my lifestyle's product and dice

and guns that'll target your pipe

It's sorta like approachin the don, wrong word, wrong vibe

4-5'll leave most of you harmed

Move coke through the ocean, paid off the coast guard

Sailed out to Cuba, made sure shit's potent

Violence with caution..

and ain't too many niggaz you know that got pilots transportin

Egg nog whip, four door Ferrari

2 M-16s's, I beg y'all flip

I'm the hardest nigga you know, check it out

Turned 40 ki's to 80 when I get in the door

So I flash like cameras, blast like hammers

I worry about y'all lil' niggaz just like your grandmas

Get shit jumpin like the playoffs

Every twenty minutes a day give or take I knock a K off

Been in the hood for real long

Catch me anywhere and I got a half a mill' on

Jada, kiss you now, you die now - why later?

Double R and Violator



Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

P and Kiss y'all don't wanna miss this

That's two ghetto-ass niggaz on the same shit

We the two best you ever gon' hear in your life

Appreciate this shit; Infamous Records and Double R

Nigga Cadillac trucks and bikes

Mac 10's go off, P that young boss

Blue bottles'll pop champagne and dutches

Hundreds of that Branson, honies what's happenin

Yeah, come thug it with us, we rugged and rough

Out the box brand new shit for you to get crunk

Heavyweight bars and hooks for you to turn up

This is that gangsta shit the world'll bump

This is that major shit, we burnin up

Keep your ear to the street and you gon' listen to us

Pull up my V is crushed, I blew up the spot

Wit the twenties that keep spinnin after I stop

When my bunny step out the car e'rybody watch

When the Lambo' doors lift up, faces drop

Somebody daughter fin' ta get fucked tonight

Cause we fillin up the cars and the trucks tonight, what



C'mon, yeah

Uhh, uhh, yeah, yo

Niggaz is lame and they ain't firin back

And I don't understand how these young boys be admirin rats

But don't worry 'bout Kiss, bein a snitch

Only time I drop a dime when I'm leavin a bitch

Am I allowed to hit 'em? These thugs that's actin

like slugs is awards and they proud to get 'em

Nigga how dare chumps; put the pumps to the back of they neck

and pop 'em just like air bumps


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

OK let's bang nigga, the fuck you thought?

P wet behnd the hammer, you get blammed up

Guns'll shut your mouth, and fuck you up

My dunns'll raid your crib and rape your slut

We them real live N.Y. niggaz

We don't play, dead real boy, stay in your place

'Fore I put skirt on you; a wood box with some dirt on you

You gotta be kiddin my shottie be spittin

You hittin light poles tryin to get away from me

The Continental T'll wrap around a tree

Fuckin wit P, yeah that brand new exclusive shit

A polka dot whip, with blood burgandy fits


Violator.. Violator nigga, what?

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