PRODIGY - Keep It Thoro

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[sinister laughter]

Oh y'all niggas killer now, oh word?

Catch you comin out your fuckin crib nigga

Yeah, catch a fuckin bullet nigga


Ayo, I break bread, ribs, hundred dollar bills

Peel on Ducatis and other four wheels

Write a book full of medicine and generate mills

Tour the album, only for more sales

We used to catch those on the block with crills

Now it's paid shows, promoters post up bills

Sign dems only if the math is real

If you can't match numbers then you can't have the Head Nigga In Charge

And shit, live nigga rhymes artist

Pardon, P dub shines regardless

Remorseless, haunt niggas like poltergeists

My advice, 'fore you get like that, is think twice

'fore you move on it, put jewels on it, who want it

Loose niggas make the news when we start formin'

Snatch stripes off a nigga's uniform often

Doin it past yo' delf you way out your jurisdiction

Why niggas bullshit on the grill

I don't fuck around dunny, this move's real

I Keep It Thoro nigga

Yo let me back up for 'em, lemme back up, yo, yo

Why niggas bullshit on the grill

I don't fuck around dunny, this move's real

I gave birth to your whole style and feel

How do it feel, to hold my dick in public

Cock blower, duplicate rap cloner

It's me and you do it live on stage for dolo

I smack niggas like you, smash niggas by the tools

Grab niggas by the throat, show 'n' prove

Rhymes cocky, crazy ill, mad rowdy

Did a buck off of my shit and wrapped your outtie

Tempermental, I snap quick, very touchy

Ayo my attitude is all fucked up and real shitty

I rap like no one out there can fuck wit me

You feel different, niggas see me

I throw a TV at you crazy, bitches say P you crazy

A +Pain in Da Ass+, nah but +Fuck you, Pay me+

I'm no shorty, nigga I stop your glory

I'm a thorough street nigga for real, you just applaud me

Avoid P, man take your baby mom's advice

I'm nothing sweet, ill with the guns, you pay the price

When you see me in the streets soldier, salute me

You just a groupie, oh you gangsta, then shoot me

Who gives a fuck really, I miss my nigga Twin, kill me

So I can join the rest of my falls, up in the heavens

You rap niggas make me laugh, y'all crazy ass

And I don't give a fuck what you sold, that shit is trash

Bang this, cuz I gurantee that you bought it

Heavy airplay all day wit no chorus

I Keep It Thoro nigga..

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