PRODIGY - Don't Be A Follower

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It go hip-hop on our block

always lead to some fights and gun shots

niggas need to stop that bullshit hop

unless its really necessary to get hopped

you got asshole pulling out busting off pounds

just to hear the sound or to see the crowd bounce

niggas need to save that shit for outside

or take all that noise up the block dunn aiight I

understand at some times you got to drug a man

but goddamn, you fucking up my pussy plan

fuck it

ya'll niggas never learn, so why should I concern

after the show I'll grab my click and the tires burn

off to the next pavilion

the infamous men, women, and children

stick together like dry ce-ment pieces

our story go too long for rap lines

too many of my niggas died on the front lines

the Mobb history go too deep for rhyme

could you feel a pain in the trilogy of my regiment

please do

we write these for you

with the hope that my words sink through

like on the page how the ink do

hey yo dunn check it

my every hour that passes

is guaranteed packed

cause the hour that's gone ain't never coming back

Im tired of wasted days

my eyes E&J glazed

bronchiole tubes flooded with smoke fumes

make faster moves

my raps can't lose

especially against you

how soon we forget niggas minds be getting absent

not gone for a minute

ya'll niggas trying to shit

it's time for P to turn back on the light switch

and pull your faggot ass click out the darkness

yo its QB, queer bastard we queens best

a quiet bullet will do yo ass justice

why you stupid fuck look at you now

I can't believe how these niggas now-a-days gets down

he just a clown from a foul part of town

who barely blent in

he took my words on some personal shit

he just self-conscience

trying to flip on some desperate shit

don't be stupid

the mobb been through it

don't be a follower and get yo ass led to the fire

Thanks to Sweet Daddy Grace for these lyrics

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