PRODIGY - Bitch Get Of Me

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What about you? You grimey ass hard, 50! Okay! How much money want you make!

Roll your monkey ass, nigga!

Bitch get off me! ("Don't do it like that! ")

Back up off me bitch! ("Don't do it like that! ")

I talk like a pimp, but I walk like a Mack

Keep fuckin' with birds just use me to say.

I'm the club doing my thing, I had a few drinks

Please don't look at me like that, I might think

You some more drama - coming back for more

Don't make me fuck around and shoot the wrong the whore.

I'm lookin' for a star war - celebrity bitch!

And we can ride in that G and we can ride in my 2 seat, shit.

Bitch, you a regular bitch!

I got rich and different woman on my dick!

I'm at fashion shows, with my gangsta clothes,

And you can't get in without a tuxedo.

I'm at movie premiers. I'm at private parties.

Gettin' bent having a ball with all of my people.

That's right we dirty! - Straight filthy hoe,

In other words trick we got millions to blow.

So if - you Charlize Theron or better

Then we - can hit the jewlery store together! - If not...

Bitch back up off me if you ain't no worker (uh!)

You ain't got to run we pimpin' it ain't gonna hurt ya!

There's alot of broken bones when I roam

Any girl that can groan on the fone get the tone.

And I'm a Mack like? and them

Yeah, you be fuckin' them but you be payin' them, (yeah!) conversatin on a date with them.

I ain't for the yip yap, fuck all the chit chat (uh-huh!)

If you ain't bendin' over in the Rover then get back. (get back!)

If you leave her 'round me then I'm gonn' get her

Blue Heff', 2 time E.V. and award winner! (thank you!)

And if I roll round long enough from the floor winner

She'll be in the restaraunt buying us all dinner. (uh-huh!)

I need a hotter bitch! (yeah!) Louis and Prada bitch! (yeah!)

That plays a role, cause she knows I got a bitch. (yeah!)

And if you heard of me then you know what it's all about

Probably somewhere in the back of the club yellin' out.

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