PROBLEM - Make Me Say (Ay Yi Yi) lyrics

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Ft. Bad Lucc


I dunno why but these bad bitches make me sad

Ay Yi Yi Ay Yi Yi Ay Yi Yi Ay Yi Yi

I dunno why makin' this money makes me sad

Ay Yi Yi Ay Yi Yi Ay Yi Yi Ay Yi Yi

I dunno why ridin' with my niggas make niggas hate


Let's celebrate, follow my gram, lemme navigate

Feels good to have my jams rockin', shoo

Without neva degradin' this Compton shit

This diamond lane shit, I ain't nun' without the squad

Get religious for a second, I ain't nothin' without my God

Where the sky point-up, if you adjoined or a joiner

Our blood run back through whateva you do

No niggas gon' hate you fo' whateva you do

And that's cool with me

I put that on the game, it's on my jewelry


(Verse 2)

I don't know why niggas hate me

I think it's cuz these niggas ain't me

I'm just tryna live my life

I didn't know I fucked yo wife

I mean, yeah, I'd be mad too

Lil mama walkin' by

Baby, can I have you?

Do ya wanna drink? One wink, you can have two

3 4 5 and yo homegirls can hang in our section tonight

And no I didn't come here to fight

But I see them niggas I don't like

But I just spend cash tonight

So y'all get a pass tonight

(See how I kill this, nigga?!)


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