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Told that bitch I'll be there at four o'clock

I'll be there at 501

Praxin' on my 501's, hustle till the 5-o come

Finna throw a lot of ones, I’dda made a check today

Check today, feeling like parolees on his exit day

Andale, ain't rockin' that Rollie no more time is up

Cuz ain't a diamond shining bright as us faded, light it up


Thuggin' with my Padre, least we eatin', check the antres

Know my name in every country, ain't G near, no nigga that could punch me

Nigga, I was crazy on a mark ass nigga, tryna fuck it with the diamond lane gang on me

It's show time, no viva, feel the same nigga when I came

Will be the same nigga when I lean on

Heart breaking like Pilo, do everythang on the D-low

It sound like niggas want my stillo

Hit the connect, get fresh, spray on some cologne, it's 2 o'clock

Lil momma blowin' up my phone, I'm like


(Verse 2)

Lil momma smokin', where she at?

Sniffin', lyin' in her ass, might die

Hug it, I'mma keep on goin' crazy, though

Feelin' with the 80' flow

Take a hustlin' ratchet ova fine ungrateful lazy hoe

Bout to drop a classic on my momma, I'm just lettin' y'all know

If these niggas have it, pay 'em back fo' all that Jankey tho'

That Jankey hoe I put up with without them shit to niggas

Mamma told me if I see a sucka I should lick the nigga

No homo for all you homo niggas that's gon' try to say that was homo

Becuz y'all don't know how real niggas really get down

When it's real with the get down, we don't even play like that

Fuck any nigga that had a pro'lem with me, with me, my nigga, it can stay like that

Confidence ova arrogance, I don't hate on niggas

On me, I wadn't made like that

Cuz y'on got, when y'all niggas was tryna get it on me

I was paid like that, on me, nigga, I was paid like that

Nigga, I grab my dick right now, thinkin' how I went down

Back in day on me I was a fade like that

1 on 1, it don't fade like that, especially with my niggas with me

Fuck flexin', no question anytime my niggas hit me

Right hook to a nigga's kidney, left jab, eat gonner's witney

H.I.P. got bitches with me, with no ideas, they gon' let 'em in

Cause they know I be and they know I pay

They know I'm on, I done been places they've neva gone

I done things they'd neva do

I luv me, I ain't neva you

Grab 'em on search for a betta boo

My money talkin' so legiable

I'm takin' shots with my beretta pulled out

I got these kids cuz I done neva pulled out

You ain't no poppin', boy, don't pull out

Put that out cuz I got the good ounce

Went on homes, I got the wood out

Make a call and I'll bring the world out

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