PROBLEM - 50 Shades Of Grey lyrics

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This for all you niggas

Thinkin' I'm too scared to respond

To these angry ass niggas throwin' stones at a don

I mean, honestly, it's like bubble bath to a pond

Gram polkin' every shirt, Hordio and Quran

They all wanna know my take on it

I ain't got one, that's around

Real niggas know

They seem to settle where the metal is

Fuckin' between, then the rules on both sides

Papered on limousine, what?

Tint darker than killas dreams

Heavenly motifs, the devil stay tryna intervene

Fuck it! Be higher than Levine

Then call my bitch up, lit like a light bulb

But won't eva eva switch up

Industry nigga calling my phone I rarely pick up

Cuz all they talk about is what new rapper they sick of

Then 3 months later I'm checking music on Fader

And its him and the same rapper’s new record titled wont switch up (go figure)

I won't feel 'em with yo hands

It's a fact I'm on these tracks just doin' wheelies with no hands

Niggas like to ask me like wassup with me and Wiz

It was what it was, now it is what it is

Me, Prez and Nick, no bags, meetin' up at the clear port

Rumor has it me and Meek Mill fought at the airport

Won't go in detail cause that ain't how I conrole

But respect was the air result and at least he got down, tho

That's more than I can say about a lotta these niggas

These iFights I'm gettin' tired of, niggas

Where the luv? Fuck the subs! It's the hood

Where we at, YG? We both responsible fo' bringin' this shit back, YG

Fuck the money, fuck the crew, we need the jet, YG

Both our first time on TV was together

Remember that, YG? Ball's in yo court

Either duck or you pass

Buckets of blood or buckets of cash

Ready either way, it's enough of that

Snapbacks, no bucket hats

No more free verses, where yo muthafuckin' budget at?

I'dda put way too many niggas on fo' free

That get deals off my bud and get mad when I want my fee

Homeboy, I could tell ya I neva hustled befo'

Ya supposed to respect the connect, so the hustle keep gon'

Fo' the connect disconnect everythin' you got goin'

Shit, I can't blame you fo' not knowin'

Shoulda just say that then

The rap game would let a lay back in

Finally forgave us fo' that shit that went down way back when

It's about progression, we too rich fo' all this regression

Bottles of bad bitches, now I feel the section

Oh yeah, no tough shit, I ain't tryna be thug

This ain't a mask on, cause deep down...

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