Princess Superstar

Princess Superstar - Wet! Wet! Wet!

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Pray I yell fore before I play before I foray let me explain, all day all ways

Foreplay? Hmmm…

I can make your cock go higher than the hair on Kid 'n Play

How I'm gonna feel when ya next to me

I'm feelin wet wet wet

In the club thinkin bout you all sweatin me

I'm feelin wet wet wet

You rock the decks like sex on some ecstasy

I'm feelin wet wet wet

Come on baby baby just get wet with me

I'm feelin wet--I'm all wet

On the high horse with a pot of hot sauce

Gotta keep floss yeah of course

Super high gloss gold gold on the cars

You say you wanna toss baby damn I can't talk

Scorch Hibachi and I'm raunchy

Wet like sake damn foxy

Nasty Girl watch me

I'm getting on my knees you keep watchin hockey

And baby let me give it to ya

Baby grab my ass gonna do the nast nast

Get your filofax-hollaback

Baby don't ask write in this task right in the sack

You're fuckin me from Monday until Sunday

Oh! Here's your EZ Pass

Wet in the pool, wet in the shower

Wet in the elevator, Trump Tower or my lunch hour

Stiff like a broomstick Zoom

I think you need to take me in the bathroom quick ooh

Look and you can have it

Eatin out? This pussy got 4 stars in Zagat attack it

I'm a cunning linguist twist words round my tongue

And I ain't gonna rhyme the next one

You do it after I'm done

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