Princess Superstar

Princess Superstar - Welcome To My World

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I'm the chick who drops sick flows fill bowls with ill flows ill ho hell knows

pantyhose holes full of No Doz

Make your earholes shit pop six Pep Bysmol sick abysmal bitch suckin dildos instead of dicks

for kicks

No time for fake bitches, just sip some orange juice with my real bitches

And I just got three wishes I ain't askin for world peace

I want Range Rovers in three different colors Genie gimme the damn keys!

Dead wrong like a Dead sticker on a bong bombs runnin arms and rayguns with Ron Reagan to

Vietnam and Iran

I'm blonde and dumb, I just taped over your demo with my song, gagged Cisco with his thong

I ain't kiddin I'm filled with lil pills of Ritalin riddle middle men to rob Bailey and Biddle

again tell a friend

I use men like Mennen in my armpit I'm bad I can't stop it

Evil twin count as two in your caucus tell Murdoch lemme in his office

I'm a steal the carpet then Fox and then Rawkus, voted for Dukakis, and I like Secaucus

Cuz they got the word cock in it

Welcome to my world, such a nice nice girl, welcome to my world

Of course I'm getting lost ran into Kate Moss

Fed her a nine course full of chopped horse and forced her to toss

10 times divorced I speak in Morse-dot dot dash dot dash (HuH?) I just told you had an ugly ass!

Type rash unabashed crass with a brain rash strapped for cash take me to your trailer I'll

steal your trash

Ask me a question, I love to lie, hey look girl is that Jimi Hendrix? 'Scuse me while I kiss

your guy

Everyone tells me I'm the female Eminem-well all I'm gonna talk about is getting fucked up the

ass then

Don't be mad Em I'm just playin, I wish I had a Dr. Dre and sold out shows one million white

faces in Dayton

Ritzes stead of Days Inn bitches for maids then

2 scoops of raisins amazin lays by names like Casey Kasem

Lazin by the pool with record industry fools Crystal in my drool, man that'd be cool

I'm like Whoa

Let me answer the question of the day-I was born in Spanish Harlem then moved to PA

On 172 and St. Nich. Food stamps and WIC 'til my folks worked themselves rich (this track's

making me sick)

If you want to compare me like white Lil' Kim female Kool Keith

I'm speak and keep it simple, here's your brain on Princess Superstar pretty mental:

Ok-- I'm the Black Shirley Temple

Iced out like Entenmanns iced pens and diamond engines and denims

Got 10 Yemins countin Benjamins with Lettermans

Killin Pac mens like Inky and Binky

When ya stick your finger in me it'll be sticky come out with a diamond ring on your pinky

Work six different angles, nicer tits than all the Bangles

Got Kangols singin Star Spangles - Oh Say Can You See

I'm better lookin than the flag you can sing that shit to me (I'm gonna get in big trouble


I'm taking a stance spend my big advance on a 500 man lap dance

Put ants in Bagger Vance's baggy pants sir come dance it's just my circumstance

I wanna watch him do the Safety Dance, I'd do it myself but I can't

Or I'll just give my dough to my new label for nice dinners and liquor

I'm playin but, um next year that advance needs to be bigger

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