Princess Superstar

Princess Superstar - Untouchable Part 2

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I got King Kong playin Ping-Pong with a big bong in my brainstorm and the pains warm

Swarm like smog in Hong Kong I know it's wrong but I kill me softly with my own song

Some magic wand could make it be ok kill the decay like a cake and a lay

But today- it wasn't a good day and you can't touch me I've already faded, I faded away

Because there's too much on the inside

The bouncer wouldn't let me in

He said my emotions were too close to the skin

And at this point a touch would feel like a cut

Turn me off, just turn it off

I'm off base off face when I think I lace I cough mace

I could go on for days but then I always complain

A waste of breath and a name

I aim and I maim and I came here to choose but when I look around me, compare me and lose

Payin dues feelin blues got no clues and it's all news to you, huh

I keep it so undercover I could be a mattress and it matches the patchy ashes my brain crashes

This address, I hope I move from it from summit to plummet I covet release and it's comin

Untouchable it ain't discussible I'm disgustable in a vestibule must a pulled a musclefull in

my head

I bet I get better but better remember I waited forever

Fuck Princess I'm talkin 'bout Concetta you never met her

It kind of appears my ego account's in arrears

Fear, tore up and teared with wet tears I feel weird and I wish it was easy to ask you to come


Sometimes I'm happy when I see the sun one day I'll say I've won

And if you think this song is done there's Untouchable Part 1

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