Princess Superstar

Princess Superstar - Untouchable Part 1

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Ooh here I come not what you expected

Y'all erected while I wreck shit next bit hard while I wreck it

Elected prom queen on the strength of my last record

Hectic get nekkid and do it backstage after you all exit

About three minutes start countin back seconds

I got sexists beggin me to make me breakfasts

Winnipeg to Texas, Easter egg to Xmas

Ass in excess make them other senseless girls look anorexics

Ain't nobody can do what I do, can't have what I have, untouchable don't be mad

If naughty girls need love too then I guess I'm bad

Flow like Maxi Pad, magic Alad it's just some crazy spark I always had

Y'all are gonna feel like Chris Columbus when you discover me

Under the covers undercover in reverie readily I'd say I was bigger than Jesus

Save the formal apology for my Anthology and Regis

The Princess resussin y'all fresh air in the game

Hands off she's untouchable, untouchable what, untouchable what, untouchable what, untouchable


I'm the finest of the best and if that don't make sense

Who cares look at how I dress and if that don't make sense I'm gonna talk about you in past


And if that don't make sense fuck you I'm a go smoke sens

Don't start a fight with me I don't care I'll bite your teeth

Get in ya shit like a colostomy impossible to compete with me

A Prophecy- I'm gonna own everything like I was an apostrophe

Number 1 on Billboard a record of just me coughing see

To heck with ya I'm kickin non-sequiturs

To all my competitors so out your range don't give a what if I'm strange

Come up to my room D'Angelo I want to bite your abdomen-what!

Have fun crush you lyrically like Nell Carter mixed with Big Pun and Run

Never outdone shinin charisma only one star can outshine and that's the sun

I got a vision itchin to be an imposition invadin domes and homes like a religion inquisition

A juxtaposition let's fuck you pick the position holdin the front of the fridge bangin your

bitch in the kitchen

Diamond in the rough? I'm rough on the diamond-Gotta be nice if you want in the hymen

If you an MC you better be nice when you rhymin

And if you get me a seltzer it better have a lime and um

Memorize the name the Superstar, open your big mouths only if you about to go Rarrrr

On the ones, twos, threes and fives no 1200's I got 12,000's and I mean guys!

Easy on eyes I can't lie get high from rhymes to you know what I'm tight

What a lady, what a night, oooh, and if you think this song is through, there's Untouchable

Part 2

Untouchable in the 4X4 untouchable you know I got more

Untouchable and that's how we raw and that's how we raw and that's raw

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