Princess Superstar

Princess Superstar - Trouble

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Hold your breath when you see me walking by

I'm obsessed with movies, like Barbed Wire throw a stiletto in ya eye

I confess I'm like Jesse James in an Ames parking lot

Have humorous fun pullin numerous guns on consumers (Run!)

Your man-freaked that, I told John- Get Back

Broke your 8Track A-Dats stole your Kit Kats

Grab your fanny pack and gagged you with a six pack a six White Castle sack

Drip wax in your office fax changed a few facts in your contract

Your advance is axed and A & R is gonna write all ya new tracks

I'm on the dole with mad loot sellin bootlegs of poor artists

Got two legs to work but I beg for change to drink Bacardis

Hearty meals got these Hardy Boys hard then taught Nancy Drew and her dog

How to jerk off and how to steal from drug dealers

Ahh enough of this I killed Snuffalufagus

With pills and made a snuff film to prove to Big Bird he exists (See he is real!)

I'm ill cant deal with mere mortals

Got a portal in my knee to beam me to a balance beam but I just drank 3 Jim Beams

My Olympic team is gonna scream at me, is it my turn? I gotta pee

I'm 14 but haven't grown since I was three

Get my kicks feedin drinks to kids in rehab clinks

Minx took Pink to my sink and used her hair die to die my minks

Tattoo inks with Ajax I highjacked Pat Sajak

Sent him back to Wheel of Fortune with a bad limp and a crack habit

Silly rabbit this song is for kids, the way the messed up system is

If I was a black man I'd be up on a 8 year bid

Id ego you know I wish I owned those, but I sold em to buy nice speakers

(What kind?) Bose

Trouble-We like it like that

Trouble capital T stands for me punchin ya tummy cover you with honey and ants

Fatal Attraction boil a bunny while I breakdance

Fart in my hotpants in a crowded theatre at Sundance (must have been the hot ranch)

So let's dance because I killed Bowie's wife with a bowie knife

C'mon mon it was Iman and man Bowie's my man gimme one more night

I just upchucked my pills and Tom Collins on Phil Collins, I mean Phil it was just a spill-chill

Bad upbringing I made Jerry's kids phone stop ringing

I'm only kiddin with this sick singing I'm just givin what this track's bringin

Trouble I'm not subtle I need more air so I popped that kid and stole his bubble

Stuck him in some double Tupperware, A clean death inject ya with Crest and crystal meth

Obsessed with my own breasts won't look at you so don't get undressed for sex

I guess I'm on a rampage for underage idols

Did Malcolm's bro in the middle and little Kenny with subtitles

I strike quick like the emperor not the right temperature and I think it's too easy to make fun

of 98 Degrees

And now that you mention it Britney, Christina, and Nsync-

Why even bother, we'll all be gone by next week

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