Princess Superstar

Princess Superstar - Love / Hate To Be A Player

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Love Love to be a Player

I'm in the right mode, real bold untold riches in my pocket

Well you heard my rhymes you seen my pictures

Bitches see me, they wanna be me

And all the brothers run to them cuz they can't reach me

For real maybe I'm magic, everyone David Coppafeel

Automatically grab it

Diva Don't fuss believe me, you built like a bus

I'm a jump you like Kneival in a rush, please

I got a Ph.D a playa hatin degree when it ain't me check me

University teach class dispatch grade D my Keats kick you in the Balzac

Alls that so wack, hiphop hits gone bad, but that brag dag, it's temptin

Money Cash Hoes let me kick a little somethin

I can put the ho back in hotel, write, win a Nobel, run wit the cartel

Rock? Well I rock well, slam like a Montel, fat eat a Snackwell

Smack like a Bonne Bell

Talk with the tic tac on the Startac wait hate that

It's Rap gettin tired

Booty Call of the Wild -I'm snorin

Like Hootie all of a sudden-borin

You Don't Blowfish? Hmm..Let me finish, I'm a step wit

Someone on the right tip the right shit, the champ sip

Trap for the flip hit Billboard shit

Damn I did it (what for?)

Connect 4, pretty sneaky sis, gimme some more

Cuz this Cracker needs a Jack , need some caramel in the back

And since you askin lick me like Baskin

Like you Robbin cream/where you been?

Multitask my ass like computer blue Year 2

Oh no shoot, Hal's gone crazy, Amazing, Grace

Like Jones I'm a giant, Body Y-2-K compliant

Please, I'm ready for 3 grand

Cryogenic freeze, I'm the nations gift for future man

No frozen skeeze jokes, Ya'all shut up

I love to be a Player

I hate to be a Player, worse I hate to relay it

You better run for cover

Last tango with the lover, get the butter

See my vest !see my vest!

Take it off see my chest (Doh!)

I confess boy I'll house you

Break you off a little I'm about to astound you

Always ill on Principal like Victoria

got a pimple shit now I'm borin ya

Braggadacio should just be a font

Tired of players, playa haters, playa songs

It's time to innovate, elevate the music

I can solve a Rubix, bounce my boobies

Can't stop it, constant I'd better get a grip

A-4 You sunk my Battleship

Mackin it but fight back and hit Chaka and the Sleezestacks

We really need that

Time to succumb, drop the "succ" time to cum

Put the suck back in make you cum again

You'll comprehend

If you want to be my lover

Stay the fuck away from my friends

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