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Princess Superstar - I'm So...

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Woke up one morning I was really depressed

That kinda day when gettin dressed

Is like the hardest fuckin thing that you could ever imagine

Suckin hard yeah I was cold tragin

So I tried to make myself feel better

Called up my friend Kim and then I met her

Cuz she always makes me feel just a little bit stronger

And I needed advice, wonder if I was wrong for

Splittin with my baby it was almost two years

Which is a lot you know in dog years!

But anyway, I wrote enough songs about him in our day

So I'm gonna stop now and put it away in the back of my brain

And tell you bout the other shit I have to complain about that day

Picked up the guitar tried to play

Couldn't get past the chord A

And E and C and fuck it was boring

All of a sudden there's a knock at the door and it was my old neighbor

Who wakes me up every mornin 7:30 am

Ridin her exercycle blastin Lite FM

But she tells me I gotta keep it down

I give up, I'm so down

I hate where I be livin on Clinton Street

The other day I saw a dead guy lyin under a sheet

And these 14 year old pushers tryin to sell me dope

And the fuckin salsa music I can't even cope

I used to really love livin on the Lower East Side

But when I walk down the street, "Yo Pussy need a ride?"

Is what I hear from every mac muthafucker givin hassles

Yo Punk I ain't a stripper, you see some tassles?

Crawlin all over the apartment are cockroaches and moths

And my ex-boyfriend says I act like David Lee Roth

All these record labels calling but they don't produce the cash

Yo boy shave that goatee and uh then call me back

I'm working 2 different jobs and I'm always fuckin broke

Eatin tofu everyday and uh maybe a coke

Feelin down feelin bad feelin slow like a turtle

C'mon get me off the mike because I'm frontin like Urkel!

Ya okay, where's ya respect for me baby?

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