Princess Superstar

Princess Superstar - I Love You (Or At Least I Like You)

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Baby you got what I need

Try to sleep I haven't slept, try to eat I forget

Shit where's your number hope that's the one I kept

Now we just met and I suspect I might just love you

Well you can bet I'm mad thinkin of ya, don't want to trouble ya

Check my dress -about the same color as my BMW

Think about my hand round that penis damn son you just had a stroke a genius

Like Manson your eyes are like gone crazy like Macy Gray I'm a get you up and do somethin

Fine, OK, so that's the way you like it get you Henny but watch it I might spike it

If you were wearin a skirt I'd tell you to hike it and when we get down best believe I'm a mic


You must be used to all this winin and dinin just drink your wine and don't want to hear your


Gonna get mine, no fights aight, I'm fucking you tonight

I'll throw rocks at your window while you sleep at home and if that don't work well I'll just

throw you this song

But if you ain't got my cash I'll be out the door

I like it dirty hottie, buy you Karl Kani, Armani, lick Criss off Punani

Male ho huh? I'm a make you my housewife, get your ass indoors, please, see I asked nice

Get back here lobster costs 35 bucks, I want an hour for each dollar that's 35 fucks

No hugs just my diamond thug come on baby baby give me that nasty love

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